Pulling everything together

The unique Perendie platform® enables organisations to lead, govern and manage digitally and remotely through…


Everything the organisation needs to produce, do and use is related and visible to all stakeholders;


Everyone is empowered and required to say what they will measurably contribute to the organisation, and how they will deliver it;


Any stakeholder, internally and externally, can see what everyone intends to use, do and deliver, and their progress;


The causes of success are identified and the probability of people achieving their outcomes is predicted.

These features identify sustained productivity gains and cost savings of up to 20% by increasing an organisation’s:

  • Purpose – by helping leaders to define and connect their post-pandemic outcomes
  • Productivity – by enabling people with spare time to deliver under-resourced outcomes
  • Profit – by stopping processes and products which don’t deliver the required outcomes
  • Time – by automating the automatable aspects of leadership, governance and management

Here’s a demonstration of the platform:

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OUTCOMES – £5,000
A one page plan validating and defining the order in which you need to deliver the outcomes you want to achieve.

EXECUTION – monthly <= 100 staff £1,000 : >= 1,000 staff £5,000 : >= 10,000 staff £10,000
Installation and application of the Perendie platform® to your organisation, and assistance with the realisation of the benefits.